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Why Com.EX?

Our philosophy is based on day-to-day contacts with our clients and with the leading audiologists in the country.

Our mission is:
To create a long-lasting relationship with our clients.

To understand the individual needs of each client.

To explain our clients all available options depending on their individual hearing loss.

To educate our customers about the latest achievements in the hearing aids technology.
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Com.EX Ltd
6 Triadica St.
Sofia 1000
Tel/Fax: +359 2 981 3556

AN Evo1 and Contact Evo1
The first digital bone conduction spectacles in the world.
Made by BHM-Tech, Austria.
Com.EX today and tomorrow
Our company is one of the leading providers of hearing technology in Bulgaria. Com.EX of today is focused on bringing the latest in hearing technology to our clients and business partners. Our representatives keep in touch on daily basis with the leading audiologists in the country. We strive to understand the individual client's needs and explain them the individual options depending on their hearing loss. New technologies are being introduced that allow the user to be directly involved with the fitting of his or her hearing aids.

How it all started.
Com.EX Ltd. was established and started its business with import and distribution of hearing aids, parts and accessories in 1998. Our main goal from the very beginning was helping people with hearing disabilities and letting them make educated choices about the latest achievements in hearing technology. The headquarters was set in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Representing the proud history of 5 companies – ReSound Corporation, GN Danavox, Beltone, Philips and Viennatone.
While building its distributor network in Bulgaria Com.EX was working on its business relationships with Viennatone Hörtechnologie GmbH, Austria. Soon Com.EX became an exclusive distributor of Viennatone for Bulgaria and started importing, distribution and service of the company’s products - hearing aids, therapeutic noise generators, batteries and accessories. A wide distribution network was created throughout Bulgaria in order to provide more effective connection with our customers.

In 2001, after the merger of ReSound - Viennatone Hörtechnologie GmbH and GN a/s Denmark the company GN ReSound was created. Com.EX Ltd. became an authorized distributor of GN ReSound a/s – a technology leader and one of the biggest manufacturers of hearing instruments worldwide. The company offers an extensive portfolio of BTE, ITE, ITC, CIC and body worn hearing instruments.

In 2004 Com.EX Ltd. started negotiations for representing the Austrian manufacturer BHM-Tech Produktionsgesellschaft m.b.H. - the successor of Viennatone Hörtechnologie GmbH. BHM-Tech developed the first digital bone conduction spectacles in the world – a unique combination of cutting-edge technology, design and sound quality. Com.EX has been offering their products on the Bulgarian market since early 2005. Hearing aid ReSound Azure
Hearing aids by GN ReSound: be by ReSound, ReSound Live, Ziga, AZURE, Metrix, PULSE, ReSound Air, Plus5, Sparx, Canta7, Canta2, Essence, Viking, TrimFlex, Match

Hearing aids by BHM-Tech: AN Evo1, Contact Evo1, Apollon

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