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Our groundbreaking open-fitting technologies launched a whole new category, leading the way to natural, comfortable, powerful open fittings for an emerging market of younger people. With ReSound Pulse we’re taking this category to the next level..

ReSound Pulse provides you with the stability you’re looking for without sacrifi cing your user’s speech intelligibility. And you can fit more of your clients without having to compromise on occlusion, sound quality, or the amplification levels they really need.

ReSound Pulse is also the only hearing instrument to offer the extra convenience of SuperTuneTM intelligent rechargeability. So it’s ideal for users who want the latest in attractive, high-performance, yet easy-to-live-with solutions.

Key Features:
- WarpTM high resolution compression
- New StabilizerTM DFS system
- SuperTuneTM intelligent rechargeability
- Directionality
- Environmental Steering automatic compressor tuning
- Virtual WindShieldTM wind noise reduction
- Multi-band noise reduction
- Low-level expansion
- Low Battery Warning Indicator
- Onboard AnalyzerTM DataLogging

Standard Configuration:
- Battery size 10А or 312
- SmartStart power-up timer
- Battery door with integrated On/Off switch
- Thin Tubes with xReceivers and domes in different sizes
- 8 standard colours, 5 chromatic colours and 4 chameleon colours

Type Fitting Range

Hearing Aid PULSE BTE

Hearing Aid PULSE BTE</h2>
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