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Resound Air

You may already be familiar with some of the drawbacks of hearing everything through a hearing instrument. Like the way your own voice can sound a little strange. Or having to stop chewing to hear the conversation. Or the disproportionately loud hum from a ventilation fan or dishwasher.

ReSoundAIR’s special ComforTec™ technology includes advanced noise reduction, which locates and reduces unwanted noise, helping you to hear conversations more clearly. So now you won’t have to work so hard to be part of what’s going on!

But that’s because GN ReSound’s all-new ReSoundAIR looks more like a smart hi-tech wonder than a typical hearing instrument. Its groundbreaking design reflects what it really is – one of the most advanced digital devices you can buy for your ears. So let your friends be envious. Of course, that’s if they notice it at all!

Key Features:
- WarpOpen™ wide dynamic range compression
- Stabilizer™ Digital Feedback Suppression
- Super-fast signal processing
- Multi-band fast-acting noise reduction
- Low-level expansion
- Directional microphone system
- Hardware design innovations for open fittings
Standard Configuration:
- SmartStart power-up timer
- Battery door with integrated On/Off switch
- Size 10A battery

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Resound Air

Hearing Aid ResoundAir
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