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BHM-Tech Profile

The BHM-Tech is an independent company founded by employees of the former Viennatone® Hearing Technology. With a profound knowledge and experience in developing and producing of any kinds of hearing instruments, BHM-Tech offers their products and services for the worldwide market of medical devices.

Nice to hear you again
Under this brand BHM-Tech develops and produces in Austria highest technology hearing aid niche products and offers them worldwide to demonstrate the company's competence.

AN-Evo1 - the world’s first digital bone conduction spectacles "Made in Austria"
Contact Star Evo1 - the first full programmable bone conduction hearing spectacles with advanced speech recognition

History of BHM-Tech

July 2002: Founding of BHM-Tech Produktionsgesellschaft m.b.H.
Jan. 2003: European Union nominates BHM-Tech to a promoted company
Oct. 2003: Introduction of the first digital bone conduction hearing spectacles.
Feb. 2004: Certification according ISO9001:2000, EN 13485:2003 & MDD 93/42/EEC
April 2005: Launch of fully featured bone conduction hearing spectacles including fitting software BHM-Fit.


Hearing spectacles
Hearing aids: AN Evo1, Contact Evo1

Body worn
Hearing aids: Apollon

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