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The History of GN ReSound

A result of a merger of five companies
July 6, 1999, witnessed the emergence of a powerful force in the hearing industry - the GN ReSound Group. Headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, GN ReSound was originally formed through the unification of hearing industry frontrunners ReSound Corporation and GN Danavox.

The merger brought together the highly complementary strengths of the two companies, achieving unprecedented scope and worldwide reach, and amassing impressive technological capabilities. The subsequent acquisition of Beltone in 2000 with its practical approach to technology and innovative developments in fitting software has made choosing GN ReSound an even stronger proposition for both hearing healthcare professionals and their clients.

Vast pool of resources around the world
Today, GN ReSound draws on a vast pool of resources located at technology centers around the world. Silicon Valley, the melting pot of digital technology. Copenhagen, Denmark, the birthplace of leaders in the hearing healthcare industry. Eindhoven in the Netherlands, where we exchange acoustical know-how and DSP chip development with technological giant Philips. And Chicago, where our researchers work to apply technology to real human situations.

GN ReSound is now the sole owner of the world’s most advanced hearing technology – including the first truly software-based digital platform for hearing instruments. Together with the comprehensive audiological offerings of GN Otometrics, and the moderately priced digital and analog hearing instruments provided by the group’s Viennatone division, GN ReSound commands a powerful market presence.

GN ReSound - a technology powerhouse in the hearing healthcare industry
Now, as one company and the world’s largest specialized hearing healthcare producer, we have the scale necessary to make significant ongoing investments in research, development, marketing and customer support. More importantly however, a pool of leading-edge technical and design resources has been created that is unmatched anywhere in the world. GN ReSound has indeed emerged as a technology powerhouse in the hearing healthcare industry.


Hearing aids: be by ReSound, ReSound Live, Ziga, AZURE, Metrix, ReSound Air, Plus5, Canta7, Canta2

Hearing aids: be by ReSound, Ziga, AZURE, Metrix, ReSound Air, Plus5, Canta7, Canta2

Hearing aids: be by ReSound, ReSound Live, Ziga, AZURE, Metrix, PULSE, ReSound Air, Plus5, Sparx, Canta7, Canta2, Essence, Viking, TrimFlex, Match

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