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ReSound Azure™ achieves new synergy with the auditory system by leveraging the brain’s outstanding ability to quickly perceive and prioritise visual and aural cues. From Natural Directionality™ to a Bluetooth® wireless technology headset and convenient rechargeability, there’s a long list of up-market features that make ReSound Azure perfect sense for clients who demand, or deserve, the best.

The Ultimate Accessory

Feedback, interference and physical discomfort makes phone use difficult for people with a hearing instrument. ReSound Azure™ is the first hearing instrument that solves these problems with a smart Bluetooth® wireless technology headset* that delivers clear, uninterrupted sound quality for both mobile phones and land-line phones. It can be worn constantly or clipped on when the phone rings. It’s large enough to be used by typical hearing instrument wearers yet small enough to look great on the ear.
Natural Directionality applies the findings of extensive research into the workings of the human auditory system to return wearers to a more natural way of prioritising sounds both inside and outside the directional beam. All without losing the clear speech advantages of conventional directional systems, or the superior comfort of omni-directional listening.

ReSound Azure is a welcome break from the hassle of removing and changing batteries, and a great step forward for user satisfaction and acceptance. But it’s just one of a long list of features that includes new Natural Directionality™, improved feedback management and a Bluetooth® wireless technology headset.

Types Fitting Range

Azure Power BTE

ReSound Azure Power BTE

Azure BTE

ReSound Azure BTE

Azure ITC

ReSound Azure ITC

Azure CIC

ReSound Azure CIC
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