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Hearing Aid Apollon

apollon is a digital highest power pocket hearing instrument useful for nearly each hearing loss.
Standard configuration of apollon is as monaural system, but can be upgraded to a binaural system by using BHM-accessories.
apollon can be programmedBy using software BHMFit2 version 2.1 or higher.

The standard colour of apollon is anthracite.

Key Features:
- AutoFit, NAL, BC Fit (Bone conduction)
- 4-Band audio-processor
- 2 Batteries size AA
- 4-position switch (O-T-MT-M)
- Volume control
- Optical and acoustical low battery warning
- DAI-Input
- Audio-Input (3,5mm jack socket)

Additional features using the programming software BHMFit2- Version 2.1and higher with Hi-Pro Box and Programming cable CS44:
- High Cut
- Low Cut
- Notchfilter
- Noise reduction (On/Off, switchable over software)

- external bone vibrator
- Stereo cable for binaural fitting

Dimension in mm w/o Clip: 60 length x 19 wide x 71 height
Weight: 31 grams w/o batteries
76,5 grams with batteries

Types Fitting Range

Pocket hearing aid Apollon

Pocket hearing aid Apollon

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